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Butterfly Pendant By MCODE


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For a butterfly with a gothic charm, check out this Silver butterfly pendant. The butterfly design is unique and was designed by me, trying to capture the essence of a butterfly in lines and geometry. This pendant is approx 4 cm high and does not include a chain. Let me know your address, then I will send you a silk cord to hang this butterfly on. If you want to order this as a ready-made necklace, including sterling silver chain. 

14k Gold Plated--Polished brass plated with 14k Gold

14k Rose Gold Plated--Polished brass plated with 14k Rose Gold

18k Gold Plated--Polished brass plated with 18k Gold

Rhodium Plated--Polished brass plated with Rhodium


1.406 in 1.1 in 0.057 in