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Change Pendant By XyzWorkshop


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About this Product

XYZWorkshop's 2nd place entry in a jewellery design competition organised by 3D Printer World. 

Titled "Change Pendant" is a piece about rapid urbanisation on our planet. Symbolising the hope for a more sustainable way for urban growth. 

Rampant urbanisation has had a massive effect on global climate change. This pendant symbolises the hopes and aspirations of a different form of urbanisation, one which is sustainable. A dream in which living conditions and resource-use will meet human needs without undermining the sustainability of the natural systems and the environment, so that the future generations may also reap the benefits of this. 

Rapid urbanisation is arguably the most complex and important socio-economic phenomenon of the 20th and 21st centuries. It represents major and irreversible changes in production and consumption and the way people interact with nature. 

Each side of the pendant represents the opposing conditions: Nature versus elements of modernisation and the implicit need to keep them in a harmonious balance.



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