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PadFoot - stand for iPad 2/3/4 By MichielCornelissen


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The product at this page is the PadFoot model for the iPad 2, 3 and 4. For PadFoot for iPad Air and iPad mini, go here. For PadFoot for iPad 1, go here

PadFoot clips to the corner of your iPad and will securely stand it upright in both landscape and portrait mode. It’s great for watching movies, clips and slideshows, for making FaceTime calls, as well as for use in presentations and (shop) displays.

At just 10 grams, PadFoot is now even lighter and smaller than its predecessor, with an increased viewing angle for even more viewing comfort - while it’s as stable and sturdy as ever. PadFoot is manufactured in tough but lightweight, 3d printed polyamide with a fine surface texture. Color options are seasonal and visible at the 'buy now'button - this may be different from the colors shown in the images above. It's best to use PadFoot on a stable and horizontal surface. Make sure that your iPad is placed all the way into the opening in PadFoot; resting the iPad on one of its two edges without buttons. PadFoot will only work if your iPad has no cover on it.