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The DH-17 blaster pistol By Sergey Kolesnik

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The DH-17 blaster pistol was commonly used by soldiers of the Rebel Alliance for conflicts aboard starships, and sometimes the officers of the Galactic Empirecarried it instead of the standard E-11 blaster rifles.[1]

The pistol was dependable on a semiautomatic setting, firing in short bursts. The pistol could also be fired fully automatic, but the power would be drained in 20 seconds.[1][3] Its high rate of fire and reasonable accuracy made it ideal for medium-range combat.[4]

It's a DH-17. Leave the settings the way they are and don't even think of switching it to automatic." ―First Sergeant Namir during the Mid Rim Retreat[src]

The DH-17 blaster pistol was a close-combat blaster pistol produced by BlasTech Industries.[1]