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Together We can offer your 3D Printed/Printable products 
with you keeping your original designs protected.

Step 1: Upload Your Products
Include the name, images, description, and print settings. You’ll also need any assembly instructions, part files, quantities, non-printable part info, and more.Products will be uploaded on our servers and made available for Instant Print at the price of your choice.

Step 2: Customers Buy and Print Your Products
Once you've uploaded your product, your job is done!Using our online streaming services customers can print products without the original design file.The customer prints your design without even needing to download your designs.

Step 3: Profit Sharing
When your design is sold for printing, PayPal will automatically deposit the money in you account after taking out their fees and our commission.

Have extra time; Spread the words use marketing tools like Facebook, twitter, instagram, pinterest and etc. link back to your design/Product. Or you can also make more designs to sell.